Fresh and nutrient dense. Grown organically year-round on the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA

Edible flowers

Take your favourite dish, your whole menu or your professional cake-decorating to the next level with fresh edible flowers. Available with the seasons.

viola edible flowers


In all the classic blues, purples and golds. Use them to plate up your signature dish or top a pretty cake.

calendula edible flowers


Bright yellows and oranges available. Add them to salads, use the petals for colouring desserts or enhancing your dish.

rosemary 1


Popular blue, perfect with roast meat or as a cake topper. Try rosemary icecream or infuse frangipan with rosemary.

geraldton wax 1

geraldton wax

An Australian native which brings a unique flavour to sweet treats. Add them to cream or decorate with these delicate delights.



Useful as a garnish, or in a tea the blue flowers can be used fresh or candied.



The bright yellow, orange, and red flowers give a mildly peppery flavor with an aroma similar to mustard.

Now available!

Mixed Punnets of our beautiful edible flowers are now available. We grow with the seasons, so different varieties are available at different times of the year. Often it will include other surprises as well as a range of the above beauties.

Available at Willunga Farmers Market and for Wholesale orders.

Good for you & good for the environment

We grow in organically certified soil mix.

All of our containers and packaging are created from 100% plant materials and are fully compostable.

Our labels are created from recycled paper products and are recyclable.

No chemicals, additives or nasties – the way Nature intended.