Some easy ways to incorporate microgreens into your day:

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Or try these:

How to use Microgreens
How to use MIcrogreens

What can I do with Microgreens?

It’s a question we get asked often. Microgreens are so versatile and delicious – as well as being super-healthy and nutrient dense – there are

microgreens salad

Fresh & Easy Microgreen Salad

This fresh and easy salad is quick to prepare and filled with nutrient dense goodness. I recommend using the freshest ingredients you can find. Great

sunflower guacamole
Sunflower Microgreens

Sunflower Guacamole

Give your guacamole a fresh, nutty flavour and the added goodness of Sunflower Microgreens which are high in iron. This guacamole recipe is easy to